About the MICC

Mid-Island Coin Club (MICC) is a member of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. MICC holds monthly meetings at 6:45pm on the second Thursday of the month at the ABC Restaurant, 6671 Mary-Ellen Drive, North Nanaimo, B.C. Each meeting consists of a business section, education segment (ie guest speaker, videos, and member talks), a 50/50 draw, member displays, dealers table, and a member’s swap and trade, along with wheeling and dealing, and the ever-popular. great mid-island coin auction. If you wish, arrive early and order dinner prior to the meeting.

Mid-Island Coin Club
Celebrating 20 Years (2001-2021)

10th Anniversary Token
Designed by: Rob Tallone

20th Anniversary Token
Designed by: Henry Nagtegaal