On a cold December 11, 2001, nineteen individuals gathered at the Pizza Hut restaurant in Nanaimo, BC for hot food and to discuss their shared passion of collecting coins. Before the evening was over, sixteen memberships were signed, three of those being husband and wife memberships. Thus began the Mid-Island Coin Club (MICC).

Today, the club had grown to more than fifty-five members on the books, with twenty-five to thirty members regularly attending meetings. The members range in age from 12 years to eighty-plus years. Collectors’ interests range from ancient coins (Greek and Roman) to all years of Canadian, US, and world coins (Britain, Europe, and Asia) as well as errors and varieties of paper money and coins. Club members possess an impressive knowledge base and can answer questions on just about anything.

The MICC holds meetings on the second Thursday of each month. These meetings also serve as a social event and dinner can be ordered for those who wish. Activities discussed may include any combination of the following: trade, buy and sell, show and tell, guest speakers, and the ever popular, Great Mid-Island Coin Auction, an event not to be missed!

Mid-Island Coin Club
Celebrating 20 Years (2001-2021)

10th Anniversary Token
Designed by: Rob Tallone

20th Anniversary Token
Designed by: Henry Nagtegaal

MICC 20th Anniversary Wood Token