Canadian Numismatic Resources

Ferguson Foundation launches ‘overdue’ digital repository

The J. Douglas Ferguson Historical Research Foundation has launched a first-of-its-kind online repository of Canadian numismatic resources offering a freely accessible digital archive for researchers.

The website, dubbed Canadian Numismatic Resources (CNR), is available at Its creators hope the CNR will soon serve as the most complete resource of Canadian numismatic documents with at least 20,000 pages of digitized material added each year. As of mid-January, the website holds more than 10,000 pages of original sources, including numismatic periodicals, club journals, catalogues, price lists plus government and archival records.

“To have a digital repository of Canadian numismatic resources is long overdue and is in keeping with trends in other disciplines of providing digital content of historic and otherwise inaccessible documents to experts and the general public,” said Ferguson Foundation Secretary David Bergeron, of Ottawa, who spearheaded the CNR project.