Grading 1902-1910


All of the grading tiers described herein by MICC do not guarantee of grade and authenticity of your coins.

There are many factors that interlink to finally decide on a coin’s grade. We can’t review all the relevant factors here but with the following list of standards given you should be well on your way to understand how to assign initial grades to coins. Additionally, you can add grades for specially struck collector coins. The same numerical grade in an MS (mint state) coin does not translate into a coin of the same value with another prefix.

Grading is not a science, but comes with years of practice and it is possible that two qualified graders may disagree about the final grade of a coin. Coins which are uncirculated have many different attributes, some of which may appeal to one grader and not another.

Any questions you may have about grading services can be answered by an authorized numismatic dealer. These professionals can help you decide which tier best meets your needs.

Know your dealer. And familiarize yourself with the standards that individual grading companies utilize to ensure that you yourself are happy with them.


Edward VII 1902-1910

Imperial State Crown Portrait
High points of obverse portrait design

  • The bands, pearls and jewels within the crown all have rounded surfaces.
  • Moustache and beard of the right of the ear.
  • Eyebrow, ear and nose.
  • Order of the Garter ribbon bow.

Very slight traces of wear will appear on the high points. Mint lustre is still strong but showing signs of losing its freshness.1902-1910_MS-60

Slight traces of wear on all high pointes. 60-70% of original mint lustre still remains. The halo effect is found in the fields around the design.1902-1910_AU-50

The bands and jewels of the crown have lost their round contours. They are flattened. The eyebrow, tip of the moustache and ribbon bow are worn. Lustre is no longer present.1902-1910_EF-40

The central bands, jewels and pearls are worn away. The ear, beard to the right of the ear, moustache, eyebrow and ribbon bow all show wear and loss of detail.1902-1910_VF-20

Detail on all the highest points have lost considerable detail. The central crown bands, with jewels and pearls of the crown are 50% worn. Again, all high points show considerable wear.1902-1910_F-12

Over 75% of crown bands and jewels are worn away. The hairline, beard, and moustache all blend together. The ermine collar of the coronation robes has lost all detail.1902-1910_VG-8

G-4      Only a silhouette of Edward remains. All portrait detail is worn away.