Numismatic Reference Books 

The practice of Numismatics is the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals. Collector have many different areas to specialize in. With theses specializations there is a wealth of material out there for collectors to concentrate on which makes it such an interesting and diverse hobby.

Provided below are some links to sites (Click on an image to open the website) where you can review the books available for purchase.  These can also be purchased from your favourite local coin dealers.

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Canadian Coin News: Canadas Numismatic Magazine

ccn_logo1Publishing 26 issues per calendar year, Canadian Coin News is Canada’s premier source of information about coins, notes and medals. Although they cover the entire world of numismatics, the majority of readers are Canadian, and they concentrate on the unique circumstances surrounding collecting in “Canada” our native land. The editorial pages include information on new and old issues, as well as commentary, investment tips and Canada’s most up-to-date listings of Canadian coin and paper money prices.


The Charlton Press: Numismatic Catalogues


Early Colonial Canada, by: Christopher Faulkner


Victorian Cents of Canada, by: Rob Turner 


Krause Publications Bookstore 





Grading Catalogues


Error and Variety Catalogues

2012 - The book of Canadian Coins and their Varieties - 9th Edition_Page_001



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